100,000 bottle tops for amazing project

COLLECTED FOR A GREAT CAUSE …. From left, Jody Merritt, Keira Birchmore and Nell Gilbert are collecting plastic bottle tops from drink and milk bottles for a great cause. Photo Steve Hutcheson

IN an age of recycling and global conflict, the Toolamba Lions Club have joined with the charity Envision Helping Hands to become a focal point for the collection of plastic bottle tops from drink and milk containers. The caps can be converted into plastic prosthetics for people in developing countries who have been impacted by landmines. The making of the prosthetic involves shredding the caps and converting it into plastic filament that feeds into a 3D printer.

Jody Merritt from the Toolamba Lions Club along with Keira Birchmore and Nell Gilbert have taken on the task of collecting at least 100,000 bottle caps to go towards the program. Getting their message out, they are leaving collection buckets at several locations throughout the district such as Toolamba Primary school and the Community centre and the General store.  Jody thanked the support they had received from Tatura Hot Bread and Tatura Bakery and Lunches in providing them with collection buckets while at the same time they are collecting caps as well.

“Cafes and restaurants are ideal collection points due to the large numbers of plastic milk bottles and drink bottles they tend to go through each day.” said Keira.

If anyone would like to know more about how the caps are being used they can look at the Envision Helping Hands website. If they would like to help the Lions Club collect caps, they can contact Jody Merritt on 0428 998 848.