Wednesday, March 21, 2018

8 steps to building your Dream Home

sadviser July 13, 2011

The building process can seem quite complex and complicated, however, the friendly team at Hotondo Homes Shepparton make it really easy and simple. Colin Mintern has outlined the eight steps that you go through when building a new home with them.

  1. The very first step is the Initial Consultation(s). This is where your budget is established, where you select your new home, choose inclusions, modifications, and provide a new home proposal based on your requirements from the initial discussion. In order to receive your fixed price quotation, an initial fee is needed. During this stage they’ll ask for your copy of land sale contract or certificate of title, and any other relevant property information that may affect building on the land. They will also conduct a site visit.
  2. Prepare a fixed price quotation. During this stage a soil test, contour survey and property information statements will be conducted. In addition, they will conduct an external and internal colour and specifications selections from the builder’s range and confirm inclusions and modifications. During this step you will need to provide your preliminary finance approval.
  3. The third step is when you are presented with your fixed price quotation. Here you finalise modifications, floor plan, electrical and upgrade options. Final colour and specification selections. This is when you review the contract. It is important to know that once you have signed the contract, no further changes to inclusions, upgrades or design can be made.
  4. The fourth step is when the builder prepares all the documents, including ordering the final drawings and preparing contracts and specifications. The builder will also confirm your next appointment.
  5. The fifth step is when you hand back the signed documents, and pay the first progress payment as per the building contract (less initial fee).
  6. The builder then requires a signed copy of the unconditional finance approval documents from the finance lender, together with evidence of land ownership.
  7. Construction is commenced during the seventh stage. Depending on your building contract to when you have your other progress payments.
  8. The last stage is completion and handover of your brand new home. The final payment will be received, as well as having an inspection of your new home. Your keys are handed over to you, and you officially now own your new home. You also are allocated a maintenance period.

Colin and his team are committed to making this process as smooth and easy as possible, and pride themselves on being 100% contactable throughout this process; from initial enquiry to key handover. If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment, contact them on 5831 2250.