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A beautiful day

sadviser June 15, 2011

Among family and friends

By Nadia Surace

A DAY TO REMEMBER… Pictured, Brett and Courtney Vallender on their special day. Photo: Ginger & Mint Photography.ON Friday, March 25, months of planning came to fruition for Nathalia couple Courtney Baxter and Brett Vallender when they celebrated their wedding day.

Married in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by friends and family at the Aquatic Reserve in Echuca, Courtney’s chariot, a pair of STX Stieger tractors was a site to behold.

Courtney said with a smile, that one of the highlights of her day was climbing up and getting down from the tractor safely. “Having the tractors was Brett’s one request for the wedding and I am glad that we were able to achieve it. And he was really proud of me when I made it down the aisle in one piece.”

Brett said, “I was a little bit nervous, but she looked beautiful.”

Courtney wore a fitted Fiorenza dress from Bridal Classics in Echuca, with all five Bridesmaids fitted in Kadime, Brett and his five attendants were fitted by Talisman in Mooroopna, flowers were by Pure Design in Kyabram and Photographer, Verity Stubbs from Ginger & Mint Photography captured the couple’s lustre perfectly.

Courtney said seeing Brett at the other end of the aisle waiting for her and celebrating the day with all of their special friends and family were unmistakable the best parts of her day.

The wedding reception followed at Radcliffe’s in Echuca, the softly lit room surrounded by lush greenery provided a real ambience for guests. “We loved the reception venue. All of our suppliers were wonderful, I couldn’t have asked for more from them when it came to the dress, suits, music, photos, invites, bridesmaids dresses and everything, it really made our day.”

After a relaxing honeymoon in Port Douglas’s Sea Temple Resort. Courtney said, “We had a great time. We went deep sea fishing and I caught a shark, which was pretty good considering I’m normally scared of fish!”

On reflection Brett said there wouldn’t be too much about the day that he would change, “I thoroughly enjoyed the day and everybody had a wonderful time which was the main thing.”

Courtney said, if there was one thing she would do differently, it would be to try and relax a bit more. “I tried to think too much about making things perfect when really I should have just enjoyed the moment and whatever happened, happened! Because it all worked out well in the end and I didn’t need to stress after all.”