A chance to grow in hospitality

A PART OF THE TEAM… Zambrero’s manager, Skye Tanant with team member, Kyran Dicker in the driver’s seat catch up with WDEA, employment consultant, Kate Nolan. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

Kyran Dicker always knew he wanted a career in hospitality.

Kyran who experiences Asperger Syndrome has been supported by WDEA Works employment consultant, Kate Nolan while reaching for his career goals. WDEA Works supported Kyran in completing his Certificate 3 in Hospitality, Barista Course and introduced him to the team at Zambrero where he has been employed for the past year.

“I have loved watching Kyran grow with confidence over the last 12 months undertaking additional training and courses has given Kyran the foundation to build his hospitality career,” said Kate.

Kyran is grateful for WDEA Works and loves his work. “I want to thank WDEA Works for their support.  Thank you to Skye and Lauren (at Zambrero) for making me part of the team and guiding me through the role,” said Kyran.

“He has given us the chance to grow as a team and a business, while we help him build his confidence and skills in the workplace. Kyran is often seen driving around town as a man on a mission delivering Zambrero to local homes and business,” said Skye Tanant, manager at Zambrero.

“Having a job has given me a lot of satisfaction and achievement in my life. I am able to save and feel like all that hard work and effort has paid off. Having independence and freedom to be able to do something nice with my girlfriend or treat myself here and there is very rewarding,” said Kyran.