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sadviser June 29, 2011

Dear Editor,
I have heard a few comments about the budget and one thing stands out from those conversations that I have had.
The questions they always ask is, what’s in it for me?
Yeah! nothing has changed it is still about me, me, me.
Whatever happened to looking at what is best for Australia and the Australian people?
Whatever happened to community?
If we look at what is good for Australia and Australians we will look to see if there is a plan by the government which will benefit the overall population.
Like, the National Broadband Network.
Like, helping the pensioners who may not be up with modern technology and give them free set top boxes.
Many of them do not know about the need for them and many others cannot afford them.
What about encouraging people to change their behaviour from high carbon footprints to lower carbon footprints.
What about taking our fair share of people who have no safe country in which to live, who have been waiting for years in refugee camps instead of allowing people who pay their way into Australia believing they can beat the system because we care.
What about stable government who have this plan and supporting them.
What about making good decisions that are based on facts and not based on misinformation as we are often fed.
There are lots of things that this government stands for but rarely can they answer the question of what about me, me, me.
Yours sincerely,
Ken Morehouse

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