A helpful new service for Australian pet owners


There’s nothing worse than seeing your beloved pet in pain, especially if you believe they’ve eaten or been in contact with something that could be toxic. If you are ever unsure of what to do or if you should go to a vet, a new service has opened up to help pet owners when it comes to poison and toxic substances for animals.

The Australian Animal Poisons Centre is a new free service available to pet owners, providing advice and a risk assessment on your fur baby over the phone if they have eaten, been bitten or been in contact with a toxic or poisonous substance.

Their website is also full of information to inform pet owners on what human foods are toxic to pets (like chocolate, grapes and avocado), poisonous plants, what to do in the event of a snake or spider bite, and a list of common household items and chemicals that are toxic to pets.

For more information, visit www.animalpoisons.com.au or if you suspect your animal has been poisoned, call 1300 TOX PET (869 738).