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A Holiday to Paradise

sadviser July 6, 2011

A FRIENDLY LOCAL… They breed them big in Queensland as Andy and Raelene can testify. PEOPLE love to travel the world seeing the many wonders including spectacular scenery, new adventures and many interesting cultures.
But sometimes we tend to forget how much we have at home, Australia has so much to offer, from the top end to our desert and the many family orientated locations with theme parks and more.
In this weeks edition of travel we visit Surfers Paradise and discover all that it has to offer. We join Raelene and Andy Ferrari from Mooroopna as they visit the Gold Coast for the very first time.
It was the holiday atmosphere which stood out as soon as they arrived said Raelene. People were in holiday mode, lots of teenagers, family groups and there was lots on offer from the Theme Parks to the Casino.
One of the big drawcards is Sea World, over the years, the park has continually updated what’s on offer to please the crowds.
Raelene loved the dolphins, they perform the most amazing tricks and seem to love the applause from the crowd.
Then it was on to the penguins followed by a visit to two white lions and the spectacular Bengal tigers.
For some action, you can take a helicopter flight over the city and the view is something else.
After the flight, Raelene and Andy took a jet boat ride out into the ocean and what a ride it was.
It was a bit bouncy and yes you do get a little wet, but that’s just part of the thrill. The jet boat moves at breakneck speeds and can turn on a coin to miss the waves.
travel1Next stop was Wet and Wild and it’s huge, so much to see and so many fun ways to get wet.
The big ride consists of five tubes descending from a tower down into the pool. You enter a capsule that shoots through the tube spinning you around as you descend at speed for the final splash down.
Another highlight was Dream World. Andy tried the Tower of Terror and it lived up to its name, up, up you go until the big drop brings you down to earth.
Raelene loved the IMax theatre with its big screen: the movies really jump out at you, you feel like you are right in the picture.
You can spend at least a full day at each of the theme parks and a real must see is Movie World and the new 4D adventure Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
A visit to Tambourine Mountain is great value on the Sky Walk: up in the clouds the view of the top of the trees and everything below, it’s a great experience.
If you have been to the Big Banana you must try the Big Avocado, it’s tropical fruit all the way.
Next, Andy and Raelene took on the Q Deck, you climb to the 73rd floor of the building, well you don’t actually climb you go by lift, the trip to the 73rd floor takes just three and a half seconds.
The view is wonderful, you can see everything laid out before you, all of Surfers Paradise, the beaches and theme parks and in the distance Brisbane.
SEA WORLD SOLDIERS… Another attraction at Sea World are the Penguins, these big fellows stand tall.Raelene and Andy found everything was good value for money, you could eat out at very reasonable prices and if you were looking for dining with a difference it’s here.
Draculas Cabaret and restaurant is a fun way to eat and be entertained, you are met by a Goule and put in a Ghost Train travelling through a ghost tunnel before arriving at your table. All the waiters are in full Goule costume, the entertainment is great and the food very good, Raelene loved the sweets in the form of a chocolate coffin filled with berries and cream.
There are lots of dining options with themed restaurants and Irish pubs to choose from, as for shopping Raelene says she was pleasantly surprised by the value for money.
So if you are looking for a great experience for the family, Raelene and Andy recommend Surfers Paradise.

P.S. they would like to thank Tash Steed at Travelworld for arranging everything.

Until next time,
Safe Travel’n,
Geoff Vallance