A hundred years in the making


During the course of its history, Singer Motors vehicles was at one time, the third highest selling car maker in the United Kingdom after Austin and Morris spanning almost 100 years of production.

The 1928 Singer Junior 8 was powered by an 8 horsepower, two bearing, overhead camshaft engine which developed a peak of 16.5 horsepower at 3250 rpm  Although diminutive, this engine would be the progenitor of Singer power units for the next three decades.

The Junior came with a three-speed gear box and initially was fitted with rear brakes only, with four-wheel braking introduced in 1928. It was equipped with an inverted cone clutch, quarter-elliptic front springs, six-volt electrics, gravity feed and disc wheels shod with 27 X 4-inch  . A Tourer, weighing 1,288 pounds was capable of a speed of approximately forty-five m.p.h. and sold for 148 British pounds.

Vintage car collector, Mike Pitt from Murchison has owned this car since 2017. He purchased it in Adelaide for $17,000. Mike likes to point out with a wry grin, the rear trunk seat is otherwise known as the ‘mother-in-law’ seat.