Tuesday, February 20, 2018
A CAR AS RARE AS HEN’S TEETH… Local resident, Heather Windsor with her 1980 Holden Gemini SL. Photos: Alicia Niglia.

A little gold mine

David Lee April 5, 2017

IT’S not too often that you come across a 1980 Holden Gemini SL and that is why local residents, Heather and Chris Windsor call their perfectly restored Gemini a little gold mine.

But their Gemini has an interesting past. It was originally in the hands of 92 year old local resident, Kevin Woodhouse, who was gifted the car as a retirement gift from his former employer, Ormond’s Garage.

Chris and Heather said, “They gave Kevin the car instead of a gold watch, which was customary when somebody retired.

“When we got it 18 months ago, it was pretty knocked about, but we have restored it to its original glory.

“The interior is original trim and in immaculate condition. It has its original headlight protectors and even had air conditioning fitted when it was given to Kevin, which you normally don’t see in a Gemini.

“After removing the dints and doing some panel work, mechanical work and having it resprayed to the original red colour, we took it around to Kevin’s to show him and he had a huge smile on his face. He said ‘my god it’s exactly like when I got it in 1981.’

“These cars are as rare as hen’s teeth. You can’t really find them anymore.”