A safe way to remove chemical waste

CHEMICAL COLLECTION… From left, Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority municipal catchment coordinator, Bek Caldwell, Goulburn Valley Water manager operations, Steven Nash, Goulburn Valley Waste and Resource Recovery Group chair, Seema Abdullah and Greater Shepparton City Council director of infrastructure, Phil Hoare. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

Greater Shepparton residents are being urged to ‘Detox your Home’ – a safe, free and easy-to-use service to dispose of common, toxic household chemicals without harming your health or the environment.

The household chemical collection program is coming to the Shepparton Resource Recovery Centre on Saturday, October 12. The event will run from 9am to 3pm and Greater Shepparton City Council in partnership with Sustainability Victoria, is encouraging residents to take the opportunity to get rid of unwanted – and potentially dangerous – items like pesticides, detergents and weed killers.

Council’s director of infrastructure, Phil Hoare said he encourages people to dispose of household chemicals in a safe manner.

“They can harm your family and your pets, add extra fuel to a fire around your property, release toxic fumes and pollute the environment for future generations, which is why residents should take advantage of the free Detox your Home service to safely dispose of these unwanted items.”

Goulburn Valley Water operations manager, Steven Nash said people should dispose of household chemicals safely and not down the household sink.

“Household chemicals tipped down the sink – particularly petrochemicals, hydrocarbons or bulk disinfectants or bleaches – can kill the good bacteria at our wastewater treatment plants which help break down the wastewater into treated water.”

Products collected through the ‘Detox Your Home’ event are recovered and diverted from landfill. For a full list of accepted items visit www.sustainability.vic.gov.au/detoxyourhome or call 1300 363 744.