Tuesday, February 20, 2018
CARRYING PRECIOUS CARGO… From left, Megan Morse and her two children, Peregrine, 3, and Huon, 5 on their Dutch cargo bike. Photos: David Lee.

A unique ride

David Lee February 7, 2018

YOU may have seen Megan Morse and her two children, Peregrine, 3, and Huon, 5 riding around town with their box bike, and The Adviser was lucky enough to get a close up look at the unique ride.

The Dutch cargo bike looks mostly just like a regular bike, but has one big and practical difference…it comes fitted with a box at the front that includes a bench seat, fitted with seat belts with enough room for two children and some groceries.

Megan said, “We bought it from a family that no longer needed it about three years ago. With Shepparton being a flat area there’s not a lot of effort that goes into riding it.

“These bikes, which are often called box bikes, are actually made in the Netherlands, but there is a woman in Australia that has them imported and sells them.

“We use it just like a car.

“It draws a lot of attention and tends to bring out the fun in other people. We get quite a few people at the traffic lights that will yell out to us ‘love the bike.’

“It’s definitely much more fun than strapping the kids in and out of the car and I find it to allow you to connect more with them too.”