Thursday, April 26, 2018

A welcome announcement

sadviser July 13, 2011

THE Australian Automobile Association (AAA) has welcomed the Prime Minister’s announcement last week that a carbon tax will not be applied to petrol.  The AAA have advocated with comprehensive policies for a number of years that motorists should not be worse off under a carbon tax or emissions trading scheme, and hails this announcement as a major win for motorists.
Greg Goodman, AAA’s Acting Executive Director, stated, “We are very glad that the Government has listened and that our efforts have borne fruit.  This is a wonderful result for our clubs’ members and the motoring public.”
The AAA is also pleased that the policy is permanent, and will still apply when the transition to an emissions trading scheme occurs.  As only eight per cent of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions come from passenger vehicles, and many people have no public transport options to travel to work, do their shopping or drop their children off at school, a carbon tax on petrol would have been an unfair impost on struggling families.  
While AAA welcomes this announcement, clarity is sought on whether other motoring fuels such as diesel, LPG and ethanol will also be exempt from the carbon tax. 
The AAA’s policy document on carbon pricing and fuel can be found at: