Saturday, April 21, 2018
RESTORED TO FORMER GLORY… Local resident, Ray Mullins with his 1960 MGA that he purchased in 1980 and restored to its former glory. Photos: Emma Hillier.

A well-travelled MGA

David Lee August 11, 2016

WHEN local resident, Ray Mullins came across his 1960 white MGA in 1980, it was in pieces, but after five years working on the sports car in his shed, it almost looks as good as it did the day it rolled off the factory floor.

The only element of rebuilding the MGA that Ray didn’t do himself was the new paint job, but he worked on rebuilding the 1800cc engine, the suspension, adding a 5-speed gear box and extractor system and putting on new wheels.

Ray said, “I have always been interested in sports cars.

“My brother had a MG, and sadly passed away in 1960 while driving it after having been involved in an accident.

“He was six years older than me and he and dad were always interested in cars and rebuilding engines. We all mucked around with cars. I feel my love for cars is a continuation of my brother’s liking of sports cars.

“My MGA has travelled the world and seen the sights. It’s been all around Victoria, been to Adelaide and as far North as Brisbane.

“My wife and I took it to America for seven weeks in 2012 where we drove from Florida right up to New York. Last year we took it to England and Europe for nine weeks.

“When you drive around in these types of cars, especially in America, many people stop and tell their story about having owned one themselves. You can lose an hour or two a day just talking to people.

“I just love it. I could sit in it all day.”