Africa calling


FOR Shepparton man, George Adams, it was an opportunity to see another country and experience a different way of life.

A family friend, Archie Gubbins spends a lot of time in Uganda and works for the clothing company Cotton On who donate funds to build schools in countries like Uganda.

When George heard he was heading back he decided to go with him to experience the lifestyle. They flew into Entebbe then had a five hour drive to Manya where a school has been built. George was taken by the friendliness of the people. Young boys and girls attending the school and the people in the nearby village were so welcoming.

Archie has established a pig farm and the locals help out with the running of it. They also grow their own produce and have goats, pigs and cattle. Everyone looks well and healthy.

George stayed at the local parish church which offers basic accommodation. It was good but the local electricity supply tends to come and go so he set himself up with battery operated lights and got used to cold showers.

Back in Shepparton, George started thinking about his Ugandan experience and has decided he wants to go back but this time for up to 12 months.

He will return to Manya and from there explore more of the country and see more wildlife including the mountain gorillas, which Uganda is famous for.

Later he plans to buy a motorbike and explore more of Africa going into Kenya, Zimbabwe and Cape Town. It all sounds like a great experience for a young man, an experience I will look forward to hearing about when George next returns to Shepparton.

Until next time,

Safe Travel’n,

Geoff Vallance.