Saturday, April 21, 2018

Aged care’s iconic history goes to print

sadviser February 8, 2012

PEN TO PAPER… Local resident, Don Kilgour has written a historical document on Shepparton’s Multicultural Hostel, Harmony Village. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.By David Lee
RECALLING such a historical landmark from conception to completion local resident and well known identity, Don Kilgour was determined to put pen to paper in a bid to tell the story behind Shepparton’s first multicultural aged care facility, with the documented history released in print for all to read.
Initially dubbed the Shepparton Multicultural Hostel and later renamed Harmony Village, the east Shepparton aged care facility grew in leaps and bounds with construction of its first 31 beds commencing in 1996 and soon after seeing the addition of independent living units and further beds within the main hostel.
The journey which saw the inception, assembly and change of hands roll out over 13 years was too remarkable for Don to let slide, driving him to put it all down in an attempt to help people learn how this important landmark came about.
After six months of research and writing, the documented history titled ‘Building a Shepparton Icon; The story behind Shepparton’s first multicultural aged care facility,’ was released in print on Australia Day this year, leaving Don thrilled to present such an important account of Shepparton’s multicultural aged care formation.
“I felt it was a piece of history that should be told and people should understand where it came from and what it was all about.
“I was a part of the initial charter committee and knew the background well, which made it easy for me to recall people, dates and events involved from conception to completion,” Don said.
To obtain a copy of the document call into Harmony Village at 20 Zurcas Lane, Shepparton or phone 5822 4995 for further information.