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AGM acknowledges long term staff and farewells a visionary

David Lee November 1, 2017
A JOB WELL DONE… Local icon, Graham Hill OAM, has stepped down from his role on the Shepparton Villages board after 15 years. Photo: Supplied.

A JOB WELL DONE… Local icon, Graham Hill OAM, has stepped down from his role on the Shepparton Villages board after 15 years. Photo: Supplied.

THE recent Shepparton Villages AGM saw many staff members acknowledged for long term service including Doreen O’Shea, who has been with the organisation for 30 years, but the board also farewelled a visionary, with Graham Hill OAM, retiring as a board member after 15 years.

Graham, a past board president who has held almost every office on the Shepparton Villages Board in his time, is immensely proud of Shepparton Villages and retires this year with sadness.

Graham said, “I would love to keep going, I really don’t want to leave but I think it is a good thing to have a sunset on the time served and my time is up, regretfully.

Reflecting on the board’s biggest achievements over those 15 years, Graham says it is the fact that the board has met every challenge head on.

“There have been so many of them and it (the board) hasn’t hidden, it hasn’t backed off, it’s come to the fore and looked ahead. That’s the really exciting part about it, the board has planned for the future and whilst we are very much aware of the difficulties involved in aged care, the board has prepped itself for the changing world,” Graham said.

Graham cites increasing rates of dementia, high care needs, reduced government funding and the push for self-funded care as huge changes for the community to come to terms with.

“Twenty years ago, people expected to have aged care provided for them, but now it’s about providing the services that meet the user pay system.

“Expectations of the public have changed, it’s a real consumer driven industry now, and it will become more challenging as younger generations come through,” Graham said.

Graham is no stranger to community service, having racked up an impressive list of boards and committees he has been actively and enthusiastically a servant of, and while he is modest about those commitments, he is most animated about the Shepparton Villages board.

“Of all the boards, I have been on, this is the best – and I’ve been on a lot, but this is the most enjoyable, productive and successful without question,” Graham said.

“There’s an aspect to this board that engenders total team work and a common purpose and that’s rare to find, as a lot of people pursue personal agendas on boards but it doesn’t happen here.

“The cause is so good, with a strong reputation so people want to be part of it. Shepparton Villages has grown so much – I remember the first meetings at Cleakheaton, Alex Rigg was the mayor and he convened the meeting and I remember thinking, ‘aged care? What are we talking about?

“But these guys had the vision and the foresight – something that doesn’t happen a lot these days and look how much it has grown, it really is something the community has every right to be very proud of, it came from nothing when you think that 50 years ago, there was no aged care in Shepparton at all.

“It’s such an exciting thing, we really do lead the way which is thanks to the managers, and executive and staff over many years,” Graham said.




30 years

  • Doreen O’Shea

20 years

  • Glenda Rowe

15 years

  • Jennifer Brittain
  • Christine Davies
  • Anne McCarthy
  • Travis Dalziel   
  • Julieanne Haddow  
  • Anne Lepp   
  • Natasha Mundy  
  • Joy Winters  


10 years

  • Sue Henderson
  • David Shipston
  • Sharryn Anderson  
  • Sarah Candy  
  • Julie Daniel  
  • Fiona Davies  
  • Ann Doyle  
  • Karen Jenkinson  
  • Melinda Mann  
  • Deborah Panettieri
  • Imelda Pummeroy  
  • Jacqueline Seabrook  
  • Carly Sharp