All good things come to an end???

TIME IS UP FOR THE COMPLIMENTARY PARKING… Public opinion points in the direction of a longer trial. Photo: Katelyn Morse

For the last two months, shoppers and workers in the CBD have been operating under a period of no parking fees. That period has now ended. From February 1, the Council’s car parks in the CDB reverted to paid parking and penalties will apply if you don’t pay.

During the complimentary parking period, the Greater Shepparton City Council in conjunction with the Shepparton Chamber of Commerce and Industry conducted a poll from visitors to the CBD on their viewpoint.

Those results are yet to be published after having been presented to the next council meeting on February 18. Co-existing with this poll, the Chamber has also surveyed the traders in the region for their points of view. Similarly, these are yet to be published after presentation to the council.

Chamber president, John Anderson has quietly expressed his confidence that the complimentary parking will be extended. The Chamber is advocating that period should be at least until this time next year.

Anecdotal evidence to the two months complimentary parking program has been extremely positive across the region. Taking into account the comments on the council’s Facebook posts, there is a lot of public support for the free parking. It remains to be seen if the council takes heed.

While there is some concern about the loss of revenue from parking fees, the council issued this statement last November. In the 2018-19 financial year Council raised $1,187,547. The amount recovered in parking fines over the 2018-19 financial year was $1,283,194. Surplus funds from the parking stream fund the gap to provide the School Crossing Supervisor program. Last financial year this gap was $232,000.