An Aussie icon re-discovered


For Andrew Painter, memories of his younger days gave rise to the purchase of his latest pride and joy, a 1978 Holden Kingswood HZ station wagon.

Andrew’s parents owned a brown one. He loved that car. It’s the reason he  bought his own. As a kid, the family went everywhere in it for years including trips to Queensland and Uluru. There were lots of good memories, even the time his dad’s seat broke and he had to sit behind him, propping him up with my legs for the trip home (an almost unthinkable action today).

Andrew purchased his HZ 6 years ago, almost to the day.

It was in great condition and he cruised it like that for a while but it was never meant for it to stay like it was. First thing he worked on was the suspension. His good mate Paj and he replaced the standard suspension with air-bags. They  did it in the driveway over a week, working on it after work hours.

It stayed like that for a bit while he saved more money for the motor and transmission combo. Fortunately he had a few good mates that knew a lot more than he did about cars. Another mate of his, Phil was happy to help build the motor in his shed. Andrew wanted it to remain all Aussie so he found a Holden 304 V8 for it. “With a nice cam and a few other good bits for some added grunt. It’s not crazy but it sounds like a car should and it still cruises nicely down the highway.” said Andrew.

Beside from that, he has had Freer’s in Mooroopna paint the roof white and he  removed the old Cragar wheels in favour of standard wheels with hubcaps. Another mate,  Andrew helped install a good stereo in it for him.

His absolute favourite thing is to get a few mates and their cars and go for a Sunday cruise with his wife Abbey for a pub lunch.

Nothing soothes the soul quite like a sunset and a purring Aussie V8.