Saturday, March 24, 2018

An invitation to the community

David Lee August 23, 2017

AN INVITATION is extended to all readers who are following the progress of the new Shepparton Art Museum (SAM).

Visitors to the current museum will be familiar with the Giving Tree, attached to the wall in the entry foyer, and will note the additional leaves, and reserved places for leaves, on several branches. These new contributions to the building appeal follow from the publicity given to the tree in The Adviser in recent weeks.

The Giving Tree is an opportunity for individuals and families to demonstrate their support for this exciting community building initiative. While the building will house and exhibit the outstanding collection currently housed in storage in SAM, it will also provide a safe, welcoming and open space for gatherings, festival events, picnics and many, many other activities in the beautiful and central surrounds of the lake. It will offer a space for everyone, no matter the degree of interest expressed in the art and art objects held inside.

The SAM Foundation was established to undertake fundraising, and is gratified by the response from major Melbourne-based philanthropists, as well as local generous donors. The Giving Tree is the opportunity for local people to record their support and enthusiasm by naming individual leaves in a way that can be seen by all visitors to the SAM, in both old and new locations, now and into the future.

Do feel free to come into the Welsford Street, SAM, take a Giving Tree brochure and choose your own branch or twig as the place for the recognition of your contribution.