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Andrew Fairley Avenue sparks debate

sadviser April 9, 2014

PAST OR FUTURE... Pictured from left, members of the Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association Inc Gordon Hamilton, Graeme Norman, Keppel Turnour, Ken and Ruth Thompson at the Andrew Fairly Avenue and Railway Parade intersection. Photo: Madeleine Caccianiga.Strong arguments for and against

Following the latest public meeting concerning the closure of Andrew Fairley Avenue, there has been strong arguments for closing the road as well as retaining it.
The latest public meeting was held at the GV Hotel on Monday night.
The meeting was organised by Greater Shepparton Better Local Government Association Inc. (GSBLGA).
President Gordon Hamilton said his group was concerned about the process that has seen Council move a motion of its intention to close the road and sell the surplus land.
This would allow for SPCA to expand its operation ahead of next harvest season.
Council is inviting submissions from the public and authorities by April 21 before they consider them on April 28 ahead of their next meeting on April 29.
Mr Hamilton said his group believed a decision had already been made by Council.
“We ran the meeting to highlight the issue of the non adherence with the due process,” he said.
“As a group we don’t have a position on whether the road should be closed or not to facilitate the expansion of SPCA, we just want to make sure the correct process is followed.”
The meeting, which was organised by GSBLGA, attracted approximately 180 people to the GV Hotel.
Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Jenny Houlihan, SPCA Chief Financial Officer, James Harvey and Mr Hamilton all made presentations. Following the presentations, the meeting was opened up to the floor.
“We did invite other Councillors to speak on the matter,” Mr Hamilton added.
Cr Houlihan indicated during her presentation that the Council is conducting independent traffic studies of the area.
Mr Hamilton said the group are not opposed to seeing the expansion of SPCA but were just concerned about the process being followed by all parties.
“We would love to see SPCA grow and prosper in this community but not at the risk to everyone’s business, safety or lifestyle,” he said.
“We are encouraging everyone to put in a submission to the Council by April 21.
“We will then wait and see what Council intends to do after the submissions close.”
Mr Hamilton confirmed a motion from the floor was passed to take the matter to VCAT if it was deemed that the relevant parties did not follow the process correctly.