Tuesday, April 24, 2018
VISION FOR SHEPPARTON SHOWPIECE… Pictured, Tank the Artist is keen to see Shepparton become known for its street art and to potentially showcase one of the biggest collections of Indigenous street art in the country. Photo: Alicia Niglia.

Artistic vision

Editor January 10, 2018

ACCORDING to one of our region’s best known local artists, Shepparton presents a myriad of artistic possibilities, which could set us apart from other regional centres and make Shepparton a showpiece for indigenous art.

Shepparton Street Artist, Tank has created a series of Photoshop concepts outlining what he imagines could become an ambitious indigenous outdoor gallery attracting visitors from far and wide to Shepparton’s CBD. 

Tank said, “The Multideck Carpark and surrounding buildings lend themselves so well to artistic interpretation. It would be a great spot to have an outdoor gallery of sorts for street art.

“Council have already started an Aboriginal Street Art Program recognising indigenous people throughout history. This would be different in the sense that any local indigenous artist who wants to have a go could and this would encourage new up and coming artists to get involved. 

“I’m very supportive of the Aboriginal Street Art Project initiative and I believe this would add to it and add to the culture of the region. With a project like this we could potentially establish the biggest indigenous street art gallery in Australia. 

“Obviously there would be permissions and advisory processes needed, but I’d like Shepparton to reach a point where street art is a showcase of the area. 

“Shepparton needs to have it’s own flavour and because of our large indigenous population it’s poignant that we have one of the biggest collections of indigenous street art.”

Tanks passion and enthusiasm for the region and it’s potential is certainly genuine, now he’s calling on the community to contribute to the idea and be open to supporting the project.

“We just really need for the community, business and building owners to get on board and support the idea, the possibilities are enormous.” 

Greater Shepparton City Council is a big supporter of Aboriginal art in the region with place manager, Tim Russell saying council are keen to see Shepparton’s CBD involved in artistic projects. 

Tim said, “Greater Shepparton City Council has introduced the Aboriginal Street Art Project which aims to celebrate the local Aboriginal history and culture within the region. We are currently implementing stage 2 comprising the mural that will pay tribute to two females and also the mural commemorating local Aboriginal people who have fought in war. The female mural is a partnership between Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-Operative, Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation and Council. The war mural is a partnership between Rumbalara Aboriginal Co-Operative, Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation, Council and Shepparton RSL. 

“We are in discussions at this time in relation to stage 3 of the Street Art Project. One of the aims of the project is to connect the future SAM with the CBD.

“In regards to street art work outside of these projects, Council is really keen to see art work occur within the CBD. Should local artists reach an agreement with private property owners and the proposed site is suited to Council’s planning requirements we would be happy to support it.”