Arts group to zoom into space


Innovation is the key to survival in difficult times. This year has been particularly difficult for the likes of performers and entertainment events around the country. Singers and bands have taken to performing online and even museums have put their collections into cyber space.

It was only inevitable that other branches of the entertainment industry would look to how they can utilise existing resources to put out new productions.

Shepparton Theatre Arts Group, (STAG) have gone online. STAG member and local playwright, John Head, has written a play which will be performed over Zoom to allow them to keep creating in these uncertain times.

Their new play, Corona Star-19 is set in 3030.  The Galactic Starship, Corona Star-19 is ten months into an eleven month journey to a new colony on planet Trump-One, when they are intercepted by an escape pod with the last survivor of a viral outbreak on planet Clinton.

They save the survivor, only to find that their lives are now at risk.

Corona Star-19 is a Zoom comedy, drama, ‘whodunnit’ of galactic proportions that will premiere  on Saturday 4 July at 7.30pm.

A free event, tickets close at 10am on Saturday 4 July in order to ensure the link reaches everybody. For more information about this please contact STAG on their email at [email protected]