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sadviser February 21, 2012

Dear Editor,
In response to the article; page 11 Adviser February 2012, by David Lee.
Where oh where did David obtain his information from? And I quote, “Shepparton’s business sector is booming!”
How can this happen when…
1.    80 Shops are empty in Shepparton.
2.    The Maude St Mall is a complete disaster. Urgently requires limited car traffic to be reinstated. Is presently grossly under used. Shepparton City Council was presented with newspaper clippings from both Townsville QLD and Gosford NSW, both cities similar in size to Shepparton have recently scrapped their Malls. Both Cities Retail traders have recorded up to 50% increase in trade since their Malls were scrapped. The only reply received from our then Mayor Geoff Dobson was… I again quote, “these cities are different to Shepparton.” Can anyone explain the difference?
    Council is obviously not one bit interested in the local CBD traders. If the current trend continues, in the coming years, will we have a CBD at all?
3.    The Parking limit extension is a move in the correct direction, but a minor move at the best. Shepparton should have free timed two hour parking limits. Why would anyone in their right mind choose to shop in the CBD when unlimited free parking is available at the outer Shepparton shopping centers? How is it that towns, such as Yarrawonga and Albury provide free timed CBD parking but Shepparton doesn’t?
4.    The Federal Government needs to introduce the GST on goods sent into Australia. Another nail in the coffin of small retailers 10% worse off to start with. How about a level playing field and a fair dinkum Aussie deal for all concerned.
May I be so bold as to suggest that before making such a statement The Advisers Mr Lee leave his air conditioned office go to the coal face for himself,  Interview CBD traders and the few Mall shoppers for their views. I am confident a much different opinion to that of “Business sector is booming” will be reached.
Yours sincerely,
Robert Dodds

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