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BREATHTAKING… Around every turn there is another amazing view.

Beautiful New Zealand

Editor January 20, 2016

MORE and more, the hidden beauty of New Zealand is being discovered by travellers from around the world.
For Naomi Szydzik from Euroa this was a chance to experience first-hand stunning natural landscapes of New Zealand and visit the major tourist sights.
First stop was Christchurch. Naomi was unprepared for the devastation in the city following the massive earthquakes there.
About half the city is still flattened, as workers take to the massive task of rebuilding. Tonnes of rock has been brought in to help stabilise the soil and many buildings have been repaired, but the devastation is so great it will take a long time before the city returns to something resembling normal.
Naomi says the city is relying on tourism to help it rebuild and the tourists are coming. Makeshift restaurants have been set up in shipping containers. The food is good and there is excellent accommodation and lots to see.
Naomi hired a car and headed along the west coast to Greymouth. It’s an industrial city and Naomi wanted to be there to get back to nature in the Paparoa National Park.
The park’s limestone caves and caverns are amazing. Formed over millions of years it’s a fabulous feeling hiking between them, and because of the high rainfall there are spectacular waterfalls to be seen.
Back on the road, where the next stop would be Fox Glacier. Naomi had booked a Flying Fox Heli Hike as it is known locally and she was really looking forward to the experience, but that same rain that drove those magnificent waterfalls made it impossible as the weather closed in.
Naomi was back on the road again and heading to Wanaka. The mountains in this part of the world are just breathtaking, and when Naomi went hiking, the view just blew her away. Those huge mountains snow-capped in the Winter were just something else.
Moving on, Naomi found herself in Te Anau from where she would visit Milford Sound. This was a real highlight of the trip. She drove along the mountain ridge, looking down on the sheer beauty of the Sound’ below, then down to the waters edge where you could go out on a ferry to see the incredible beauty of the place.
Naomi was told that this part of the world has more rain than the Amazon and as testament to that, those magnificent waterfalls.
Naomi met up with a lot of tourists, many coming from around the world. All were just stunned by the beauty of New Zealand. It’s easy to get around with hire cars and hotels are easy to access, and campervans are also very popular.
Naomi would like to thank Alex Foote of Flight Centre in Shepparton for helping to arrange her itinerary.
Until next time,
Safe Travel’n,
Geoff Vallance.