Big aspirations for VCE students

DUX AT THE POND … From left, Gabi Sargant, Dux, Wanganui Park Secondary College; Jerrin Thyparambil, Dux Shepparton High School; Hope Wheaton, Shepparton High School; Andrew Tolliday, Dux, Notre Dame College; Georgia Devine, Wanganui Park Secondary College; Farhan Islam, Dux Goulburn Valley Grammar School; Zahra Alkarawi, Dux, McGuire College; Haroon Farqeer Zada, McGuire College; Brock Sheldon, Dux, Mooroopna Secondary College; Ebony Alexander, Mooroopna Secondary College. Photo: Steve Hutcheson

On the day VCE score came out, Lake Victoria in Shepparton was where it was arranged that the highest achievers from each of the region’s secondary schools should congregate to meet the media. These were the Dux for that year of their individual schools around Shepparton.

Each student has different aspirations as to where they might go in the future, each of them looking forward to the challenges the future presents. One to go into applied mathematics, another onto dentistry, another into cybersecurity or I.T., another into biomedicine, yet another into health services.

Of particular note was Farhan Islam from Goulburn Valley Grammar School with a score of 99.9, the highest possible. Farhan has also received a Premier’s Award for Indonesian and had perfect scores of 50 for specialist maths and mathematical methods. Both should serve him well in his proposed proposed career choice of biomedical engineering.

All these high achieving students are to be congratulated as are all graduates who have completed the year successfully and we wish them all well for the future.