Tuesday, February 20, 2018

‘Blended Delivery’ reduces pressure on students

sadviser April 11, 2012

ALTHOUGH many rural students across the region were affected by the recent flooding preventing them from attending regular classes, students studying through the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA) were not disadvantaged, thanks to their blended teaching model of delivery.
Students undertaking Diploma and Advance Diploma courses in Agriculture were among those who escaped the added pressure brought on by the floods as they were lucky enough to be involved in a delivery of teaching which combines traditional face-to-face classroom methods with the more modern computer-mediated activities.
Dairy Industry Trainer at NCDEA, Jasbir Singh said, “Blended delivery refers to a mix of different learning environments and helps to create a more integrated approach for both instructors and learners.
“While there are many different approaches to blended learning, the blended delivery model used by the NCDEA includes a combination of face-to-face classroom delivery, on-line video-conferencing and tele-conferencing.
“Activities are structured around access to online resources, communication via social media, interaction with distance learners in other classrooms or other learning environments.
“The blended delivery of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Agriculture gives students the benefit of global knowledge and local expertise.  It also reduces the cost and risk while delivering the highest levels of quality with added value.
“Using this method of teaching, students can attend classes even when unforeseen events such as floods prevent them from physically attending classes,” Mr. Singh said.