Brightening up the world with birdlife

THE ARTIST WITH HER WORKS… Sobrane stands by her latest mural project in a Numurkah arcade. Photo: Katelyn Morse

A dark, uninspiring alley in Numurkah has undergone a transformation. On a base of brilliant green, nature now shines through in the form of a large mural covering one wall of McPherson’s Arcade adjoining Meirlo Cafe.

Following on from other recent projects such as the Tungamah silos, artist, Sobrane pictured a series of native birds and insects to take the place where once bland brickwork was the main feature.

Wrens and parrots, kingfishers and ladybugs have all brought life to the arcade using a mixture of hand and spray painting techniques.

Sobrane hails from mother earth, a traveller by nature, no longer fixed to one location. She works all over the country and sometimes out, taking sabbaticals to Italy where she works in conjunction with a small gallery there if not at her gallery in Broome in Western Australia, another one in Sydney.

The murals in Numurkah will be on permanent display.