Bus travel concerns with transitions in 2020


Dear Editor,

I am writing as an extremely concerned parent regarding the transitions for students over the next few years while the super school is being built (or I should say ‘stupid school’).

The way this is being ‘organised’ is a complete disruption for all students, families and the community, especially for year 9 students who will have to catch buses over to Mooroopna. The thought of my child (who has never had to catch a bus) catching a bus to Mooroopna High School causes great anxiety for both my child and myself.

I believe this will be where bullying will start and it will be a completely different scenario to what the school bus system is now. How many bus runs will there be? What if they miss the bus either to, or from, school? How will bullying at bus stops be handled? Will the buses get all students to school on time with the amount of students that need to be bussed? How much traffic congestion will there be on the causeway? The questions go on and on…

I have heard from the new super school executive principal’s own mouth that bullying at bus stops will be a police matter and it’s up to the bus companies to let the schools know of any incidents. To me, that is not good enough for the safety of my child.

And I don’t want the bussing bullying problems to be a factor for him to not want to go to school. Let alone the bus companies having to have an ‘extra’ duty in looking out for bullies; they are drivers not mediators.

We live in Shepparton’s north so naturally Wanganui was the best choice for my son’s education (it was his choice to go there too). It’s close enough for him to walk/ride, or for me to even drive him the short distance.

I have multiple sclerosis (MS) and my son has Asperger’s syndrome, so stress and anxiety are not good for either of us.

And to add, my youngest (who has autism) will be starting at McGuire next year. If I have to drive them both to school, I could guarantee that one would be late, or extremely early, so they’d both be there on time.

This ‘project’ has not been thought about properly. They say this is going to be good for our student’s education, but what about the students that are being treated like guinea pigs until it’s all completed?

It doesn’t take a decent brain to realise this could’ve been handled better, or at least to have the ‘stupid school’ built before all the ridiculous transitioning.

Thumbs down to Suzanna Sheed for pushing it to happen.

Yours sincerely,

Nicole Muller