Call It Out


While the Country Fire Authority (CFA) are busy fighting fires in this period of high fire danger, their members are continuously undergoing training in all aspects of not only fire fighting but also in team building.

One such area is the need for respectful behaviour between members in the teams that more and more, comprise both men and women.

Executive Director of People, Culture and Safety with the CFA, Garry Cook said, “ It all starts with respect, and from 25 November we begin the 16 Days of Activism to remind us why calling out disrespectful behaviour is so important.

“Safety and respect are two of CFA’s values, and they are a focus for us not only whilst we take part in this campaign but a focus in everything we do. This year, the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence will align Respect Victoria’s Respect Women: Call It Out campaign.

“This campaign aims to create community conversations and hopes to increase the activity of the bystander, to call out the drivers of family violence and violence against women.

This huge focus on bystander intervention, on creating a culture change, is to ensure family violence and violence against women is not normalised. This goes for within our homes, in our workplaces and in our communities.”

The Municipal Association of Victoria are funding community-based activities across the state as a part of this campaign and have also created a variety of resources in collaboration with the Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria.