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Canada, has it all

sadviser August 10, 2011

Great night life at Niagara Falls including the Casino which overlooks the falls.Incredible scenery, great food experience, and five star accommodation like no other, this is what Canada has to offer.
Jade Golightly of Shepparton has just returned from a tour of Canada that took her from Toronto to Montreal.
First stop was at Niagara Falls, she stayed at the Hilton Hotel that overlooks the falls and what a sight, during the day the waters thunder over the falls creating a great spectacle.
If you want to get up close and personal then a boat ride on the waters is a must. Known as the Maid of the Mist their boat took them over to the American side then back to the Canadian side and then right up to the falls.
It was wet, yes everyone was issued with a poncho, but be warned if you haven’t got a water proof camera you could be in trouble, but what an experience a real must do.
That night from the hotel Jade looked on as the falls changed Jade really enjoyed the spectacular Niagara Falls, the best way to get up close is on the Maid of the Mist boat.colour, the light show is spectacular as different colours play across the face of the falls.
What many people don’t know is that late at night they turn the falls down as water was diverted to generate electricity, but by morning the water is back, and Niagara Falls is in full force again.
Next stop was Ottawa, on the way they cruised Lake Ontario, and that night stayed at the first of their Fairmont 5 star hotels, all the hotels in the group are magnificent, with wonderful accommodation and superb meals.
A tour of Ottawa’s historical sites took Jade back into the history of early Canada and was most fascinating, then they moved onto Montebello.
As part of their stay, they visited Parc Omega, 1,500 acres of parkland home to wolves, bears, deer, and beavers.
Jade saw a baby moose it was only three-days-old and what a At Toronto the big ride is to go up the CN Tower, this is the view from the top.beautiful baby it was. Then they saw a bear, then a wolf, it seemed that wildlife was everywhere.
In Quebec City a walking tour of the old city, the history is incredible and with the right guide (which they had), the origins of Quebec came alive.
That night they stayed at the Fairmont Chateau Frontenac, it’s like an old Castle, built on many levels, you almost need a map to find your way around.
Because of the history of the Chateau it’s said that ghosts haunt it at night, so what better way to find out than go on a night tour of the hidden corridors and staircases  dating back to the time the hotel was first built.
As they moved along under torchlight, some said they felt a presence but for Jade just a wonderful experience on seeing many parts of the Chateau not generally open to the public.
Looking like a grand castle this is the house of Parliament in Ottawa.One thing Jade noticed when they first arrived at the Chateau, they were welcomed by a dog, he was the mascot for the hotel complete with red collar, the beautiful Border Collie made it his business to welcome every guest.
Jade soon became aware that dogs are welcome at many hotels in Canada, the Fairmont even had its own doggie floor where you can stay with your pet and it’s a service that is well patronised.
Arriving in Montreal they were to attend a farewell dinner, but that day was free and to Jade’s delight a chance to go shopping.
It was all there, the big names in Canadian/American stores, there was Gap and H&M.
And the bargains were incredible, so off they went on a mission to shop until they dropped.
It was a great farewell dinner, a chance to relax and thank their guide who had made the experience so wonderful.
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