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sadviser July 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
Our worst fears have now been confirmed with the announcement of the new Carbon Tax.
The Carbon Tax means all Australians, no matter what their income or business will be contributing another $9 Billion in extra tax each year.
There are also higher marginal tax rates for middle and low income earners.  The 15% tax rate is to rise to 19% and the 30% rate is to increase to 33%. There will be a 10% hike in electricity bills and a 9% increase in gas bills.
Transport and food prices will be pushed up. Freight transport concessions will only be held down for two years until after the next election.
The National Farmers Federation is complaining that even with farm fuel excluded, the average farm will still incur an additional $1,500 a year in extra costs pushing down farm incomes by 2.4% and the carbon tax is to be increased each year. Sadly farmers cannot pass on their extra costs.
Victoria will be one of the states hardest hit, given its dependence on low cost coal fired electricity production. The Gillard Government is talking about at least one power station shutting down, and the others being squeezed to try to make them convert to gas.  Who knows how many jobs will be lost in that process.
The Retail sector, Australia’s biggest employer, is also counting the costs as compensation to be paid to many, barely covers the costs of the higher prices for running a household.
Given the history of policy ‘stuff-ups’ and rorting that has accompanied every other one of the Labor Government’s new policies; it is also horrifying to think how many extra public servants will be employed for the new Authorities and the millions of dollars that will be spent on PR campaigns to promote the new Carbon Tax. None of this is productive.
Meanwhile, any real reduction in carbon emissions from Australia are likely to be minimal as companies hit with the new tax simply pack their bags, sack their workers and relocate offshore.
Heinz at Girgarre got in early, going to New Zealand with a $10 carbon tax and massive exemptions. How many others will follow?
With the Greens now in control, we have to hope that some of the Labor party members take a stand and insist their leaders back away.
Yours sincerely
Sharman Stone
Federal Member for Murray

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