Monday, March 19, 2018


sadviser August 10, 2011

Dear Editor,
After reading the just delivered Clean Energy Future document in the mail, I have made the decision to carefully place it back in its little plastic bag and mark it return to sender, so it can be recycled and I urge everyone to do the same. 
More than 70 precent of Australians don’t want the tax and more than 70 percent of Australians didn’t vote for the tax and I have not come across one person who agrees with it.
Doesn’t assistance or compensation (you will be compensated) refer to payment that comes after damages.  Sounds like the Mafia,  pay up and we will protect you. Just a couple of comments out of conversation last week. Then there’s Page 9, average household costs to increase $ 9.90 per week while the average assistance will be $10.10 per week. 
Page 10, single pensioners will receive up to $338 extra per year. Hang on isn’t that only $ 6.50 per week? Good work Julia.
This document has as many inconvenient truths as Al Gore’s movie, that has been proven to be full of fraudulent calculations. 
This one is the best, Page 18, get rid of your beer fridge and save $180.00 a year, yeah right.
I think the Bob Brown / Julia Gillard Government should share the award for the most un-Australian people of the year.
Cheers, Steven Threlfall

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