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Celebration of ‘Italy’s finest’

sadviser October 26, 2011

Dominic takes out inaugural Best Salami title

By Nadia Surace
SOME of the region’s finest home-grown smallgoods were tried and tested recently as part of Shepparton’s inaugural Best Salami Competition.
More than 20 entries went head-to-head for the top award but it was 84-year-old seasoned expert, Dominic Nania of Shepparton’s salami that stood above the rest.
Taking out first prize Dominic’s salami was voted best by the judging panel headed by Chief Judge, Kraft / Cadbury’s Asia Pacific Food Safety Audit Manager, Trevor McManus.
“After my thirty years in manufacturing food industries of all sorts, it is a pleasure to see such high quality, and very tasty, handmade food,” Mr McManus said.
“It’s great too – to see the Italian community keeping what are both cultural and culinary traditions alive and well in multi cultural Australia.”
A tradition sure to be continued. Dominic’s children and grandchildren each year help make the family salami. Their’s of equally high quality, almost.
Dominic’s son, Pasquale took out the competition’s second prize.
Vince Criffo of Shepparton took out third.
Perhaps not so strangely, none of them would say what their secret is.