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‘Change, development is needed’

sadviser August 17, 2011

ADVICE  ON-HAND… Tractors R Us Director, Daryl Gorman and Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Russell Northe.  Photo:  Alicia Zeqir.MP encourages region’s small businesses to harness their potential

By Nadia Surace
FLAGGING a need for local business to ‘progress in order to stay viable’ and compete with the explosion of online trade, Parliamentary Secretary for Small Business, Russell Northe visited Shepparton last week.
In town as part the State’s Small Business Festival this month, Mr Northe presented at a Retail Selling Strategies from the Top seminar before meeting with local business groups to discuss their matters of concern.
“There are a lot of marketing and business development tools available to business people that, if adopted, will go a long way to furthering their business interests,” Mr Northe said.
“Having a small business background myself, and coming from a community that has its employment challenges also, I can appreciate exactly what its like to be looking for new ways to develop a business in such an environment.
“There are so many opportunities available to business owners, they just need to know how to harness them.”
Mr Northe also said his visit was an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of the wider issues affecting small businesses in the region and promote work done by Small Business Victoria.
“The retail industry is changing faster than virtually any other sector, but it is also facing a range of challenges including increasing overheads and the impacts of online shopping.”
Mr Northe encouraged business people to visit for business development ideas.
The retail sector employs around 4,000 people in Shepparton.