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Check mates

sadviser July 6, 2011

EMPOWERING YOUNG MINDS… Goulburn Valley Grammar Grade 6 Student, Etienne Beaumont contemplates his next move. Photo: Alicia Zeqir.Chess teams compete for State finals

By Nadia Surace
GOULBURN Valley Grammar, St Brendan’s Primary and Yarrawonga Primary School students last week participated in Round 1 of this year’s Chess Kids Interschool Chess Championships.
Goulburn Valley Grammar School Grade 5 Teacher, Annabel Harwood said the competition that will see the region’s winning team compete against winning teams of other regions to determine State and national finalists, has helped build self esteem in many of her students throughout its three-year history at the school.
“It is really a great initiative because it allows students to achieve in a sport other than football, soccer or netball, or any other physically demanding sport,” Ms Harwood said.
“It also helps them with their problem solving and concentration skills.”
Ms Harwood’s sentiments reflect research by the competition’s coordinators.
According to a Chess Kids national survey, teachers believe students who play chess regularly are better mathematicians, problem solvers, communicators and better behaved than those students who don’t play chess.