Check what’s growing over the fence


As we approach the season for managing weeds in summer fallow, it is important that land managers check what types of crops are growing around them before they start their spraying programs.

Agriculture Victoria’s  leading chemical standards officer, Felicity Collins said, “Land managers need to properly assess suitable spray conditions and monitor and consider the weather conditions. Vegetable crops, such as tomatoes are extremely sensitive to spray drift damage from herbicides.

“Even a very small amount of herbicide drift can result in serious crop losses. Tomato crops are rotated each year and could be planted in a paddock near your farm this spring or summer.”

Spray drift that causes damage to or contaminates another person’s crop is an offence in Victoria, therefore caution must be taken when herbicides are used in the vicinity of tomatoes.

For more information on managing spray drift, visit or contact an Agriculture Victoria chemical standards officer on 136 186.