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sadviser July 20, 2011

Dear Editor,
Palliative care services are the way to go in assisting those who suffer painful and distressing illness.
Premier Ted Baillieu is to be congratulated on his decision not to ask the Law Reform Commission to review Victoria’s present ban on euthanasia.
Many people are not aware how much can be done for patients with terminal disease.
Under proper supervision, astronomical doses of Morphia-type analgesics can be given, with excellent pain relief and minimal unwanted sedation.
Newer agents, such as Gabapentin, offer great prospects for even better control.
Palliative care will cost governments more than euthanasia.
But when the merits of palliative care are understood, families will be happy for their sick kinsfolk to choose that path.
Yours Sincerely
Arnold Jago

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