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Choosing wedding day jewellery

sadviser September 21, 2011

What is wedding jewellery? It is everything that goes to make up the final picture. This includes chokers, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and, of course, tiaras.
Clearly though, the wedding rings make up the most important aspect of wedding jewellery (after the engagement ring, of course). Trends come and go, but what is important is buying rings that suit your personalities and your lifestyles. A bride may want a wedding band that matches or complements her engagement ring. Some couples like to have matching wedding bands, with perhaps a broader band for the groom. These bands can be plain or ornate and some couples like to have their names and the wedding date or some other meaningful inscription inside the rings.
Then it is up to the bride to accessorise. What she chooses depends on her gown, her personality and the formality of the occasion. A traditional bride in white will look perfect with diamond earrings and a matching tennis bracelet.
Pearls, fresh water or cultured, are available in a remarkable range of shapes and colours and have always been a favourite with brides. Their perennial elegance makes them a perfect accessory, whether it is a single string or a triple rope of pearls or whether it is a matching set of teardrop pearls made up into earrings and a pendant.
There are also no rules that prohibit a bride from wearing big, black glass beads or Marcasite earrings.
Sometimes, all the bride needs to wear to show off a perfect neckline is a simple pendant on a fine gold chain.
A thoughtful bride could make a gift of the jewellery worn by the bridesmaids.
This is particularly pleasing once one has decided on a wedding theme.
Well-chosen accessories can be the perfect finishing touches to your perfect day.                       

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