Classic cars from America


In the early days of motoring, car manufacturers were appearing and disappearing faster than one can imagine.

Beginning operations over one hundred years ago, in 1908, the Paige Automobile Manufacturing company opened in Detroit to manufacture luxury vehicles.

The company was bought out by the Graham brothers in 1927 and changed its name to Graham- Paige and eventually to Graham.

Before the Graham brothers purchased the company, two vehicles, now residing in Australia, were manufactured

A 1925 Paige utility, reputedly the only one of its kind still surviving in the world and a 1926 roadster, that is one of three remaining vehicles are in the hands of Murchison vintage car enthusiast, Mike Pitts.

Both of the cars are in beautiful condition having been fully restored to match the original. Mike is intent on selling the sedan so if you have a lazy $30K, it could be yours.

On January 21, 1921, a Paige 6-66 broke an American stock car speed record by covering a mile in 35.01 seconds at a speed of 102.8 miles (165.44km) per hour.

The company’s first car was a two-seat model powered by a 2.2-litre three-cylinder, twostroke engine. This model continued until 1910, when a four-stroke, four-cylinder engine design took over. In 1911, the company’s namesake was shortened to Paige. A six-cylinder model was added to the range in 1914.

Four-cylinder models were dropped in 1916, leaving a choice of 3.7- or 4.9-litre sixes. Another name change occurred in 1919, when models fitted with a Duesenberg engine were known as Paige-Linwood, and models fitted with a Continental engine were listed as Paige-Larchmont. A straight-eight engine was added to the sixes in 1927.