Cleaning up the furballs

THE COACH FOR TOUGH JOBS… Kids for Cancer organiser, Katrina Ogden had a winning outcome under coach, Shane Crawford, champion football player and the new coach of the Ardmona Cats. Photo: Steve Hutcheson.

As cats have been known to do, they hit a fatal snag only to take a deep breath and then get back on their feet and start running, the Ardmona Cats are sticking to form.

We wrote last month that they appeared to be on their last life but as luck would have it, it may have been premature. Football legend, Brownlow Medalist and occasional shearer, Shane Crawford has by all accounts, agreed to work with the Cats as their coach if they can get their suspension overturned.

It now comes down to whether the Kyabram District Football League can put aside their interest in the money that is owed as opposed to fostering a great opportunity to bring a new level of excitement and challenge back into the game.

It is the sort of stuff movies are made from and in the current script, the league could well be painted as the bad guys.

The Ardmona Football Club started 100 years ago with a bunch of returned servicemen, heroes from another era, wanting to have a game of football for the fun of it. The fun slowly dissipated over the years when it became more of a business.

A football hero like Shane Crawford is not doing it for the money, but for the love of the game. In this instance, Crawford can teach more people besides the Cats, that this is how it should be.