Sunday, March 18, 2018

Committee focuses on region’s education

David Lee February 21, 2018

A FOCUS on education was expressed at the Committee for Greater Shepparton’s (C4GS) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and dinner on Thursday last week, where the committee heard from Minister for Education, James Merlino on the Shepparton Education Plan and the Super School.

During the AGM the committee saw two board members retire from their positions, Rebecca Wolstencroft and Peter Gray and Rob Priestly was re-elected as chair, Lesley Hart was elected deputy chair, and there was the election of two new board members, Jane Macey from Spiire and former director of the Kelly Communications Group, Scott Kelly.

C4GS CEO, Sam Birrell said, “During the AGM Dinner, over 90 members and some leaders in the education sector in Shepparton attended. We had Minister for Education, James Merlino speak on the Education Plan for Shepparton and the Super School plan.

“The minister spoke about his commitment to the plan and was very pleased to receive the recommendation from the advisory committee and is keen to work towards making it a reality. He also discussed the possibility of a new Tech School in Shepparton and how important STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is for the future of the Goulburn Valley region and the business that are here.

“We’re strong advocates for the Education Plan.

“Afterward Minister Merlino spoke, the committee’s chair, Rob Priestly outlined the business confidence in Shepparton, the fact that we are an export town and that with government investment in infrastructure to help us along, we can continue to provide Victoria with solid export earnings.”