Community pleased with council performance


THE community has spoken, and according to the latest results of the council’s Community Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 Quarter 2, the satisfaction toward council has continued to see increases.

Since 2016 Greater Shepparton City Council has seen a significant increase in performance on all core measures including Overall Direction (up 21 points), Overall Performance (up 15 points), Making Community Decisions (up nine points), Customer Service (up 13 points), and Sealed Local Roads (up 17 points since 2017).

Other areas such as Advocacy, the Transfer Station, Arts and Cultural Activities, Trust and Financial Management are all higher.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Corporate Services, Chris Teitzel said, “I think we are seeing a more accurate picture of community sentiment with this survey. Previous years’ surveys interviewed a total of 400 residents once a year but moving to quarterly surveys and interviewing more residents has provided a much more realistic result.

“There are still improvements to be made and we encourage residents to provide their feedback if they are asked to participate next time.”