Community satisfaction with council is maintained


RESULTS released on Greater Shepparton City Council’s Community Satisfaction Survey 2018/2019 Quarter 1 have shown an increase in overall satisfaction with council compared to previous years.

Within the last 15 months Greater Shepparton City Council has seen an average of over an eight point increase in performance on all of core measures including Overall Performance, Community Consultation, Advocacy, Making Community Decisions, Customer Service, Sealed Local Roads and Overall Council Direction. The index scores are out of 100.

Greater Shepparton City Council Director Corporate Services, Chris Teitzel said, “The most impressive result is an increase in Overall Council Direction of 14 points in the past 15 months.

“We have also seen an increase of eight points in 15 months in Customer Service and 10 points in 15 months in Overall Performance.

“The increase in Sealed Local Roads on 16 points since 2017 is also logical. Last year residents were dealing with the inconvenience of three major roadwork projects at once, with Welsford Street, Old Dookie Road and Verney Road all being upgraded.

“I think we are seeing a more accurate picture of community sentiment with this survey. Previous years’ surveys interviewed a total of 400 residents once a year but moving to quarterly surveys and interviewing more residents has provided a much more realistic result.”

The next survey for the second quarter will commence on November 30.