Concerns raised over overpass project

CONTROVERSIAL CONCEPT… An aerial view of the initial concept design for the new Shepparton Railway Station Pedestrian Overpass. Image: Supplied.
CONTROVERSIAL CONCEPT… An aerial view of the initial concept design for the new Shepparton Railway Station Pedestrian Overpass. Image: Supplied.

IN December, overpass plans for the Shepparton Rail Station were released for public consulting, with many in the community concerned of adverse reactions.

The $18M project’s concept design features brightly coloured cladding that wraps around the bridge, the stairs, and the lift cores, suggesting the movement of fruit along a conveyor belt. This holistic design provides a dynamic visual effect which changes according to the viewing angle, while maintaining signal sightlines.

As part of the project, the construction of shared pathway links would be constructed, coming to an estimated cost of $4,748,300, which is expected to be met, in part or full, by council.

The Adviser posted the design on Facebook asking the community for their thoughts and we were met with the following responses.


I don’t think so. If they go with this they need a new architect not everyone likes modern art.

Sandra Fowler


Matches the new courthouse and art museum. Hideous!!!

Becca Jane


Can it be under pass (why go over).

Aaron Taylor


Coz we’re living in the future! ☺️

Ashley Lahm


Agreed! Improved connectivity to other services with an additional access point on the other side of the station 👍

Nicole Dalle Nogare


You’re kidding me! Please COGS don’t get suck in to the IDIOTIC ideas of Daniel Andrews ……… just because of an accident that occurred during the Steve Bracks ALP government they now think that railway crossings are dangerous? They are only dangerous because vehicles/pedestrians don’t bother to give way.

Glenn Londey


That’s precisely why they’re dangerous! Because we live in a world of idiots who don’t have time to follow the rules. The rest of us have to engineer around them! I think it this instance though, an overpass is needed but I thought they were talking about relocating the station to the lake at one time and if you build and overpass, it should tie into allowing access to both sides of the railway for a second platform and services open up north of Shepp again.

Ashley Lahm



Build it and they will come, hopefully this means more train services.

Moose Mellington


It would be great to have a overpass again from the station for people to have quicker access to the town. Many years back there was an overpass from the station to Hoskin St. I don’t think there is a need for another monster building for the Railway Station……..

Barbara Dougherty


Why do we need an overpass??

Rosina Pungitore Murtagh



There was an overpass over line. They pulled it down.

Lyn Ford


Didn’t know this cheers.

Ashley Lahm


🤯🤮 What the heck is that!!!! Yuk.

Sarah Featherby


Yes please.

Damon Messina


Haha another eyesore for Shepparton.. Ratepayers were asked to have an input into the design? But they anonymously voted amongst themselves! The circus gets better!

Shepparton Silent No More


Wow it’s quite extra!! I like it! It looks like the Seymour station, and I like those steps to cross the tracks, I hope myki comes to Shepp.

Phoebe Lavis


The railway facilities are a disgrace at the moment the trains are old and not up to standard. They stop it every little town making it the slowest journey ever. The whole system is not good enough.

Gary Eckel



Karen Beckham



Georgia Cucinotta yes! Does this mean a second platform though 👀

Stefania Cucinotta


Needed this before SAM bring it on.

Dianne McMahon


What is this?

Emily Jayne Crout


Maybe blend it in the that big rusty looking court house.

Brendon Lone Lee Twyman


Haha what an eyesore! Fix the trains Stooges, we came back on the train from Melbourne last week, no first class, economy seats were disgusting shit all over them, and to top it off train broke down before we even moved! 20 min later off we head with a lot of clunking going on!

Bill Fisklis


Ugly! So long as there is a lift for accessibility, what ever the final design..

Kerry Cursons