Council adopts policy to reduce plastic use at its events

PLASTIC CONTAINERS TO BE BANNED AT COUNCIL EVENTS…As we start to open up to public events, new measures will be required to eliminate single use plastic containers. Photo: Supplied

IT is only the last 30 years or so that we have dived right into the use of cheap, disposable plastics in almost every aspect of our lives, and more significantly at great cost to the environment. Perhaps that is about to all come to an end.

At the most recent July Council meeting, Greater Shepparton City Council adopted the Single Use Plastic Free Council Run Events Policy, aiming to significantly reduce the waste from single use plastics and the impact on the environment.

The policy outlines Council’s commitment to eliminating single use plastic bags, plates, bowls, balloons, cups and cutlery, and limiting the use of water bottles and plastic packaging at its events.

According to the Council report, the increased use of the Council-owned hydration trailer will also help to reduce bottled water expenses.

The policy will be implemented with a one-year transition period, allowing for distribution of resources and information, adaption and community awareness.

“The Policy aims to assist Council in taking the appropriate measures to manage our environmental impact, which we are always striving to do,” Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah said.

“Council’s events calendar has significantly grown in recent years, with more than 250 supported events in our region creating large amounts of single use plastic waste that are not biodegradable.

Organisations such as Facebook group, Zero Waste Shepparton have long advocated for the reduction of waste materials. Greater Shepparton City Council has to deal with more than 66,000 tonnes of waste a year, perhaps this measure might go some way towards reducing that.