Council being proactive in dealing with Covid-19

UNPRECEDENTED TIMES… Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Cr Seema Abdullah addresses the impacts of Coronavirus on our community. Photo: Steve Hutcheson.

According to Greater Shepparton City Council Mayor, Seema Abdullah, “Business as usual is no longer an option and Council is making adjustments on a daily basis as per the advice from the State and Federal governments.”

At the time of writing, a number of facilities have been temporarily closed. This includes Aquamoves, the Shepparton Sports Stadium, Tatura Park Exhibition and Events Complex, Eastbank and Westbank performances and Senior Citizen facilities.

At the same time, a number of events and activities have been cancelled including Activities in the Park, Planned Activity Groups for the elderly and Council events involving more than 100 people.

Modified activities include SAM, only open for the exhibition, libraries and the Shepparton Business Centre are open but programs will be closed, McIntosh Centre/Showgrounds cancelled as per the number limitations.

Services within Council such as Planning and Building are only open to phone and email appointments.  Meals on Wheels will continue to be delivered but on three days instead of five. Recipients will still receive five meals, two on Monday, two on Wednesday and one on Friday.

Other services such as kindergartens, KidsTown, family day care centres and long day care centres will remain open.

Cr Abdullah said, “Other services such as in-home care will continue. Our staff are being given additional coaching in hygiene to ensure that our clients get the best and safest attention.”

“The Council has the best interest for the community and our staff in this instance.” said Cr Abdullah. “We are currently operating in accordance with the Municipality Emergency Plan and members of the public are advised to keep checking on the Council website as well as the Department of Health and Human Services for any changed conditions.”

“I would also ask that if anyone has elderly or vulnerable neighbours that they check in on them to make sure they are ok and have access to food, medication and other supplies,” said Cr Abdullah. “We also encourage our community to continue to be active and stay connected with others during this period, whether it’s via phone, social media or small get-togethers.”

The council website is at and the Department of Health and Human Services are at