Monday, March 19, 2018
A LOVE FOR CARS… Local resident, Tom Gravina has quite a collection of cars, but one of his favourites is his 1974 GT Falcon. Photo: Nicholise Garner.

Cruising in Yellow Blaze

Nicholise Garner August 10, 2017

I FEEL a little sorry for The Adviser journalist, David Lee today. Sadly for him he’s missed out on getting to report on this particular ‘If It’s Got Wheels’ story and I know that he’s going to want to meet Tom Gravina for himself when I tell him about Tom’s collection.

Tom is a long term local Shepparton resident and to say he’s a serious car enthusiast is an understatement. He has a collection that would delight anyone, but this time we’re going to talk about Tom’s favourite car. His 1974 GT Falcon.

Tom couldn’t believe his luck when he discovered this little gem in a local shed where it had been sitting for 11 years. With a total of 32,000 miles on the clock, only 7,100 of them were done in the past 14 years. With it’s genuine 351 engine, Tom said, “I was very lucky to find this one! It’s a genuine, fully stamped ‘GJ33’ which is one of the last of the GT Falcons.”

Fully verified by Ford, the colour is ‘Yellow Blaze’ and Tom described it as a wonderful cruiser. With electric windows and pristine black genuine GT seats, this car is registered as a classic car and gets out every now and then for weddings.