Saturday, March 24, 2018

Cyber bullying community information session

Editor April 4, 2012

PARENTS and schools have been very concerned about cyber bullying and its impact on children, especially after several cases of local suicides in recent times.
Dr Sharman Stone, Federal Member for Murray says, “Wiping out cyberbullying is a real problem, given the growing use of mobile phones, the internet, facebook and other forms of social media.
“Many parents may not be aware of the terrible impacts of this bullying over the internet. It can have the same or worse impact than when young people are assaulted,” Sharman Stone said.
Dr Stone has organised a community information session at the Rural Health Academic Centre on Tuesday, 10 April at 7:30pm.
“Guest speaker will be Ms Nola Marino MP, a Member of the Federal Parliamentary
Committee on Cyber-Safety. Ms Marino is an expert on the subject and has been running cyber-safety forums in Western Australia for many years.
“The information session will be an opportunity for adults and teenagers to have a two-way discussion with Ms Marino about how to protect themselves and their families from cyber crimes,” Sharman Stone said.
“E-mails and social networking play a huge part in daily communication. Any internet user can be a victim of cyber bullying if they do not have the knowledge and tools in place to prevent it.
“The free information session is for all who are interested. For further information, contact my office on (03) 5821 5371,”
Dr Stone said.
The Cyber bullying information session will be held at the Rural Health Academic Centre, 49 Graham Street, Shepparton and starts at 7:30pm.