Digging holes with water

NEW TECHNOLOGY GREAT FOR BUSINESS… From left, Link Building Systems managing directors, Cameron Wood and Andy George can help to fix your home or buildings foundations with hydro-excavation. Photo: Katelyn Morse.

When a crack appears in your walls and brickwork, one of the more daunting tasks to overcome is to consider underpinning the existing concrete foundations, so the building is sitting on solid ground.

It is at this point where local construction firm, Link Building Systems are called in to carry out the underpinning work. Using their recently acquired hydro excavating rig, they can blast away the soil with a water jet as a non-destructive excavation in a confined area in order to locate existing services and utility lines before they bring in their drill rig to dig down to solid ground.

Aside from their own underpinning work, Link Building Systems are also frequently engaged by local plumbers to locate a crack in a pipeline without the need to disturb the pipes with the excavation.

Link Building Systems managing director, Andy George said, “There are generally three reasons for foundation failure. Sometimes the problem can be solved without the need to excavate but when it does, we aim to do it with the least amount of disturbance.”

Aside from the underpinning side to their operation, Link Building Systems also undertake construction of new buildings or are called in to undertake the renovation of older homes.

“We have seven workers in the field and three in the office. Business is good, the hydro excavation is picking up more work each week as local contractors get to know about our capabilities and how quick and cost-effective hydro excavation can be.”

For more information on how hydro-excavating might work for you, contact Link Building Systems on 5821 4516.