Tuesday, March 20, 2018
PRIDE AND JOY… Local resident, Len Walsh (Dodger) with his 1951 Ford Custom, otherwise known as ‘Black Beauty.’ Photos: Emma Hillier.

Dodger’s ‘Black Beauty’

David Lee September 21, 2016

LOCAL resident, Len Welsh’s (Dodger’s) 1951 Ford Custom is a real beauty, in fact it’s a ‘Black Beauty.’

From the grunting rev of the engine to its side valve V8, beautifully designed dash, American sun visor and Ford twin spinner on the bumper, the Custom’ certainly is something to treasure.

Dodger said, “I got her 14 months ago from a women who owned it in Sacramento in America. It had been in her family since it was rolled out of the factory and they called it Black beauty, so I kept the name.

“This is the second one I have owned. It’s a really nice looking model and very rare to find in original condition like this.

“The 1951 Ford Custom was the last one made with a side valve V8 before Ford went into releasing cars with an overhead valve in 1955. They only made this type of car for eight months. It was the side valve V8 that really made old Henry Ford.

“It’s the only black one in the Goulburn Valley and she’s my pride and joy.”